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At CASA of River Valley, we recruit, train, and supervise volunteers to represent the best interests of abused and neglected children.

Our Court Appointed Special Advocates act as the voices of these children, helping to navigate the juvenile court system and ensuring their needs are met. CASAs become their children’s primary sources of hope for finding safe, permanent homes. They diligently pore through case records and interview teachers, doctors and family members to piece together case history, circumstances and needs.

Our CASAs understand that their volunteer work is more than a service. It’s an investment. They invest countless hours into building meaningful relationships with their children that last the duration of the juvenile court cases.

As the eyes and ears of the judge, our CASAs travel more than 55,000 miles and devote more than 7,000 hours per year to helping their children heal and find hope.

Covid-19 and CASA

How is COVID-19 affecting CASA?

In order to protect both our volunteers and the children we serve from exposure to the virus, we have had to modify our approach to checking on children. For the time being, our CASA volunteers (Court Appointed Special Advocates) are conducting weekly visits with their CASA children via phone or video call to ensure their safety and wellbeing. In these times where physical distancing is extremely important to prevent the spread of the virus, we are more frequently checking on our children to ensure they know we are here, we care about their safety, and that they matter!

Can I still apply to be a volunteer?

Yes! We are always accepting new CASA volunteers and have made special arrangements during these circumstances so we can continue to help children. The first step to becoming a volunteer is to fill out an application. One of our staff members will then arrange a phone call interview. Then, if both parties decide to move forward, you will go through the CASA advocate training. We have adapted our training to be completely virtual for the time being.

What other ways I can help besides being a CASA advocate?

We love that you want to support us! If you are unable to make the commitment to become a CASA advocate, consider joining our Friends of CASA team.  Friends of CASA are a base of community volunteers who help to spread the word about what CASA is doing and raise awareness of our mission to help abused and neglected children in foster care. You can do this by contacting casa@casaofrivervalley.org.

Change a Child’s Story.

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What We Need

Our volunteers bring an unmatched devotion to their service that allows them to establish a powerful bond with their children. CASAs look beyond the circumstances of abuse and neglect to the children’s potential, leading them to homes where they can thrive.

Additionally, every CASA of River Valley volunteer demonstrates these common characteristics in advocating for a child in need:


CASA of River Valley volunteers become successful advocates when they connect with and understand the challenges unique to the children they represent.


CASA volunteers best represent their children when they invest in the entire process, guiding their children to safe, permanent, loving homes.


Successful CASAs see the decision to advocate for their children as an opportunity to give selflessly of their time and energy to a noble purpose.

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